Week 5: End game


>>Thoughts on next week
There’s not much to say about last week, considering it was mostly essaying. Next week we’re moving from the fundamentals of the game players to the fundamentals of the game itself. Sixth Extinction’s material doesn’t tell me anything new, really, other than some people’s opinions and specific facts that I could’ve inferred myself.

I do believe there will be major consequences of our actions, considering the unbalance: humans are doing far more to our environment than the environment is doing to us. This is not necessarily in the pollution vs. hurricane way, but in the idea of a niche which we have mostly forgone. In this sense, something will eventually happen in a fashion that is either unavoidable (depletion of resources) or avoidable (nuclear war) that triggers a cascade of unparalleled loss of ground for humans. As humans we should not only reduce the avoidable possibilities like nuking half the planet or razing rainforests for agriculture, but it should also limit the unavoidable.

Not to sound like an evil person, I do wholly embrace the idea of population control. Of course I don’t mean putting a population cap and killing all those over it or a selective virus like in Rainbow Six, but options such as widespread birth control (via contraception and education) would be one of the best ways of controlling ourselves. Other ultimate goals would be complete recycling of all recyclable material and verticalization of agriculture (stackable farms, in essence). I would also mention sustainable livestock populations, but considering we have already started with very excellent genetically modified meats (such as the soon-to-be-approved salmon for fisheries that do no foreseeable harm to the environment), we are on a good track so far with a very tangible result and goal.