Improve the interaction between freelancers and clients with automation and sexy data


What’s your progress on X? Where are with with Y? How expensive would Z be? When will the project be finished? Could you re-send the previous contract/invoice? Can we see a live demo? How important is this to the overall goal?

These are the most frequently asked questions for freelancers, and also commonly show up in small teams. Keeping freelancers and clients on the same page all the time is one of the most frustrating, yet most important parts of freelancing. Especially on a tight turnaround time. There are services that answer one or two of these questions, like task management, invoicing, and shared storage, but it’s hard to provide the right information and tools to both freelancers and clients.

What we do is let these separate tools be and use their APIs to pipe the right information to a living FAQ of sorts. DuoDash is an interactive information dashboard that the freelancer configures for each client so that they have a common point of reference for the most commonly asked questions. This makes both of us more productive by reducing the number of emails and calls we need to make every day, and it keeps us aware of the big picture while we spend most of our time on the details. That means less emailing and more real progress to your deadline.

This project is still in development by myself, Ying Yao, Cindy Wang, and Stephen Song, with support provided by Startup Exchange at Georgia Tech.