CoC project reboots IT professionals Operation Reboot, a project in the College of Computing, will pair laid-off IT professionals with high school teachers to give them a leg up in their career options starting in the spring of 2010. The project is headed by Barbara Ericson, the computing outreach director at the CoC’s Institute for Computing Education (ICE). The […]

Provost office offers link between students and administration Gary Schuster announced on Oct. 21 that he will be stepping down from his position as executive vice president for Academic Affairs as soon as his replacement is found. The Institute hopes to find a replacement for the position by July 1, 2010. Schuster has served as the provost since August of 2006 and […]

Why documentaries? One of the greatest atrocities of modern societies is ignorance. This ignorance can either be intentional – like in the sheltered life of the suburbs or parents preventing their children from seeing conditions or ideas that contrast with their own – or unintentional – like the majority of Americans who wish to simply live […]