RHA raises watt waste awareness

http://nique.net/news/100582 Following Tech’s trend of sustainability innovations in practice and building design, the Residence Hall Association’s (RHA) improvement committee has announced this year’s round of Wasted Watts — a competition between residence halls to lower their power consumption. “One of the biggest issues that we’re looking at is how to get people to use sustainable […]

Black History Month expands diversity awareness

http://nique.net/focus/100554 For the seventh year now, Tech’s African American Student Union will host its Black Leadership Conference over the Feb. 19-21 weekend, focusing on their I-Change campaign: a call to individual change in and out of their normal communities. “The Black Leadership Conference is a breeding ground for those who believe in leadership and diversity […]

Trailblazers helps students give back, get dirty

http://nique.net/focus/100542 Each spring break since 2007, several dozen of Tech’s Trailblazers—including undergraduates, graduates and post-doctorates —combine outdoors exploration with environmental improvement via trips to national parks and local service projects. The Trailblazers club offers their alternative spring break trips, local environmental service projects and convenient services for the “outdoorsy” student. Their Alternative Spring Break (ASB) […]

Students weigh in on campus carry legislation

http://nique.net/focus/100492 Campus weapon control is still on the radar for both the apolitical and outspoken student. At a recent interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC), Institute President G.P. “Bud” Peterson stated his opposition to firearms on campus, specifically concealed weapons. Among his points, Peterson cited possible weapon misuse, the unlikely event that a major […]