VPID finalist Ervin seeks out collaboration in campus diversity

The final candidate for the Vice President of Institute Diversity (VPID), Archie Ervin, made his public presentation on Tuesday, Sept. 14, at the Global Learning Center, detailing his goals to develop a road map of the next 25 years. “It is clearly understood that the Georgia Tech of tomorrow and its future success is contingent […]

Week 5: End game

>>Thoughts on next week There’s not much to say about last week, considering it was mostly essaying. Next week we’re moving from the fundamentals of the game players to the fundamentals of the game itself. Sixth Extinction’s material doesn’t tell me anything new, really, other than some people’s opinions and specific facts that I could’ve […]

Economic growth and social productivity in market economies

Economic growth has always been a cultural phenomenon, starting with the European intellectual movements. Through the Medieval Age the traditional concept of work – economic life and social life as one – sustained in nearly every culture. Though markets were indeed present, there was no market system or economy other than the transfer of countries’ […]

Week 4: Essay

>>Thoughts on last week I learned quite a bit about corporate philosophy this week from the readings, but I really didn’t like the movie. It seemed to be one of those “ahh! scary corporations sucking the life out of us!” It seemed that some fundamental ideas of capitalism and market-level libertarianism are treated as sinful. […]

Mysterious organization unveils itself

Their goal: to make sure every student sees success after college and they never leave Tech behind. Their methods: philanthropic initiatives selected by members, hanging out with and attending talks by Tech alumni and deriving inspiration from Tech’s traditions and history. After months of erratic marketing through matrix barcodes and yellow-splattered banners with vague event […]

Sort of a.. life manifesto

I recognize three views, observe two views, and actively engage in one view: super-macroscopic, macroscopic, and microscopic. Macroscopically, I am completely negligible and have absolutely no use to this particular universe except in terms of entropy and act as a physical manifestation of energy. There is no goal I can accomplish alive than dead. Thus, […]

PUBP: Week 3, Corporations

>>Thoughts on last week Economic personality and trends are often shared by generations. Post-WWII generation saw epic growth, which led to healthy spending and financial security, assumed it would continue. 1980s generation saw major downturn, forcing more saving habits and drive to ensure a better future for next generation. Readings touched on globalism, considering the […]

Astronaut Crippen on campus to award scholarship

On Friday, Sept. 3, Captain Robert Crippen, US Navy, Rt., and pilot of the first orbital flight of the Space Shuttle, presented one of the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation’s (ASF) $10,000 scholarships to Joy Buolamwini, a third-year CS major, for her academic and research work in computer science. A crowd of about 50 students and faculty […]

Students explore Asia

While other students study abroad in Asia, Tech students in Atlanta were able to experience the tastes and tones of Asian culture as they trekked through a series of Asian-oriented stands across campus on Tuesday, Sept. 7. “This was our first attempt at such a large-scale event,” said Elysia Hwang, vice president of the Asian […]

Walesby makes claim for newly created position

Speaking to a combined audience of students, faculty and administrators in the Global Learning Center on Thursday, Sept. 2, Anthony Walesby presented his qualifications and goals as he vies with two other finalists for the newly-established position of the Vice President of Institute Diversity (VPID). “My interest would be to assess the what’s happening now, […]