Nations ununited

The United Nations has been less than united lately, detracting from its mission of world domination of peace. The problem lies in its own enthusiasm to be world police, world bank, and world peace generator. It needs to get its act together before (though it seems it already has) it reverts to the League of […]

Cabinet updates

The Presidential selection of the Cabinet is not always a smooth process. Obama’s pick for Secretary of Commerce Bill Richardson and his pick for CIA Director Leon Panetta have both tripped before they even reach their confirmation hearings. New Mexico Governor, and former Secretary of Energy, Bill Richardson withdrew his from his nomination for Secretary […]

Renewed conflict rages in Gaza

Israel continues air and ground attacks in the Gaza Strip, pursuing the Hamas militants who have fired 3,278 rockets and mortars into Israel just in 2008. Though Israel officially handed off control of the Gaza Strip to the PLO, most aspects of life depend on Israeli military policies. Since Israel controls the sea, air, and […]

Cutting through the haze

Students learn from health class/parents/commercials/Mr. Mackey that marijuana bad. Mmk? Yet, it is still one of the most abused and most politicized drugs. A simple Google search on marijuana shows how polarized the debate is. Pot is no longer a G-Man vs. Hippy issue; scientists have stepped up the debate with libraries of studies and […]

Know your cabinet

So far, President-elect Obama has appointed most of his cabinet and several non-cabinet positions: Secretary of Homeland Security – responsible for national security organizations like the Coast Guard, border patrol, FEMA, and Secret Service – will be Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano. Secretary of Veterans Affairs – responsible for military veterans benefits like healthcare, medical facilities, […]

Politics in school

The youth vote has spiked lately, with participation in primary elections just shy of the record set when the voting age was first lowered to 18. What’s more intense is the youth political movement, with some form of political discussion common in the everyday high school conversation. To provide a more engaging environment for these […]

Get your own bird

True, Whole Foods groceries does have fresh fruits and bread, and your family cooks a feast from the wrapped and pre-stuffed turkeys from HEB, but the surest, direct-from-the-source-fresh main food for Thanksgiving is acquired by hunting your own turkey. This is not a call to all the gung-ho families to grab a shotgun and storm […]

Back to Hogwarts

Listen up, Muggles, the wizard community has allowed the non-magical world to play its famous game of Quidditch. The newfound sport found almost exclusively at schools is “Muggle Quidditch,” the Harry-Potter-derived sport for the magically disinclined. Founded at Taylor by Andrew Beckstrom, sophomore, the club is still writing a constitution to make it an official […]

GPA bill causes strife

“I don’t like the proposal,” said Katy ISD superintendent Alton Frailey about the proposal to make a major change to how GPA is calculated throughout Texas high schools. School administrators and students alike are polarized by the Texas Legislature’s bill requiring the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to come up with a way for all […]

You want experience?

Presidential candidate Barack Obama declared Delaware Senator Joe Biden as his running mate via text message early Saturday morning, August 23. Later that day at the public announcement of his selection, Obama said, “[Biden] is that rare mix. For decades, he has brought change to Washington, but Washington hasn’t changed him. He’s an expert on […]

Fear and Loathing in Venice

Shakespeare presents Othello in a way that highlights villainy and jealousy in normal, domestic circumstances that destroys the reputable. Topic sentence summaries Domestic scale – topic summary Reputation – topic summary Jealousy – topic summary Shakespeare’s other works showed the main conflict on a grander scale; Othello puts tragedy and intense villainy equal to that […]