Oriental Weavers USA

Designed and built the website for the U.S. division of the world's largest producer of carpet and area rugs

Oriental Weavers USA
Client: Oriental Weavers USA
Dates: Jul–Dec 2013, Jun 2014 – Present
Skills/Subjects: , , , ,
URL: http://owrugs.com/

Oriental Weavers USA approached me following Prima’s redesign to rebuild their own website. It had been showing signs of wear and a clear limit to maintainability due to their original Dreamweaver-generated code. From July–December 2013, I rebuilt their website with a more sustainable structure, making inroads for their back-end developer to implement their custom e-commerce code. The Oriental Weavers team, especially the Director of E-Commerce, and I worked very well together, and we have maintained our relationship since this initial project.

Going responsive

In June 2014, we reestablished contact to discuss a website redesign with their marketing team. Using their Google Analytics data, I discovered many useful metrics to consider while guiding their design and interaction decisions, especially in confronting previous design and usage assumptions. After this research, and with preferences from their design and marketing team, I designed a more responsive site to target their growing number of mobile and tablet visitors. Following a few iterations, we established a consensus on the design and implementation strategy, and I am now building the front-end of the site. I will continue to work through November and December to complete this build, while the Director of E-Commerce implements it on OW’s servers.

This article will be updated as our work continues.